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Integrity is a guild founded on friendship.  We started as a core of in-game and Real Life friends who wanted to see endgame content, and grew into a serious raiding guild - while maintaining the no-bullshit, no drama, sensical atmosphere.  We pride ourselves on our ability to push endgame content while maintaining a friendly raiding environment - a far cry from the oftentimes militaristic undertones of many raiding guilds today.

If you are interested in becoming a member of <Integrity>, you must posess the following qualities:

  • Be a team player
  • Be courteous to other raid members
  • Be extremely good at your class
  • Be prepared for raid

Our guild members come in two different flavors, the Raid Members and the Casual Raid Members.  The core difference between these people are time availability to raid, and their playing abilities in raid.  Requirements for each are as follows:

Raid Members

All raid members will be required to make two out of three scheduled raids per week.  When making these raids, they will also be expected to be prepared by knowing all strategies posted on the forums, and by being present at the instance portal at invite time with flasks and other consumables in hand.

Casual Raid Members

All friends of the guild and people that need to step up their game will be assigned a rank of Member.  Also, if a member truely wishes to become a Raid Member, all they need to do to attain the rank is improve to raiding member standards specified above.

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New Website

Hash101, Nov 2, 10 2:55 PM.
Welcome to the new guild website please make good use of it and if any suggestions please contact a officer or hashcow.
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Nathrezim (PvP)
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